Landing Page SEO Tips - 2021

Content is the key to success for your websites and having the right content on your landing page in 2021 is crucial which can help you to rank higher, generate more leads, and make more sales.

7 Features that should be included in a good landing page for SEO and Users

  1. Page Title
  2. Page Description
  3. Call to Action (CTA) buttons
  4. Include Benefits
  5. Service or Products benefits
  6. Visual images and infographics
  7. Success stories

SEO Tips for writing content

Let's also note that each landing page should have the below content included in the features for best SEO results:

  • Quality content that describes the business and/or product/s and/or service/s.
  • Word count can improve SEO
    • 300+ OK!
    • 500+ Pretty Good!
    • 900+ Awesome!
    • 1200+ Hmm... when does this end... maybe it's a good idea to split pages now.
  • Ensure to have website structure, Start With H1, Paragraph, H2, Paragraph / H3, and so on. It helps to stay on point and helps the reader to absorb the most important information as they can skip between headings and read what they are more interested in.
  • It's more interactive with pictures and it can showcase products and services well, a good idea to add some.
    • Ensure to add ALT into pictures to help for accessibility for those with vision impairment, also Google bots can't see but they can read, so ensure that the image is descriptive in ALT is a proper description of the image which will help search engines to understand the image in detail. - About 125 characters is a sweets spot.

If you can do all the above SEO tips on your landing page, you are already ahead of the competition!

1. Page Title SEO Tips for Landing Page

The below landing page image has a Title - which is a targeted keyword phrase if you type in "Website Design for Business".

Previously it was the "Corporate Website Development" keyword which is currently ranked on the first page in Google index in Ireland nd it took 2 months which is usually about 3-6 months.

You can use Ubersuggest to find keywords for your website.

Landing Page SEO Tips Hero Image

2. Page Description SEO Tips for Landing Page

We got to give it a quick summary about the business, product, or/and service with including the title phrase under the title as below picture with the most important information in a short description, this will briefly give the user an explanation of what the page is all about.

Best to keep between 100 to 200 characters in here and include the keywords in there to stay on point. Synonyms are fine to use.

Landing Page SEO Tips Hero Image

3. Call To Action (CTA) SEO tips for landing page

You have to tell the users what they should do on your website if you want them to do something - in this example I wanted people to get in touch with me so I have a button placed "Get In Touch" in the middle of the screen, once the user clicks it will bring to my contact information.

The call to action can be the 'Try For Free' button if you are offering a trial of a product or a service, it can have the ' learn more about us' button if want to increase brand awareness or the 'get in touch' button which leads to a contact page where they can contact you by phone, email, or contact form.

You can have more Call To Action buttons trough out the website, a great idea to have CTA at the end of the page.

When naming a button, the first word should be a direct command to the user such as "Get", "Join", "Subscribe", "Try", and so on, this will increase a higher chance of users clicking to where ever you want them to land on your website.

Recently read an interesting Hubspot post about "39 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click", worth a read.

4. Include Services or Products

In this section, we can showcase some of the products and/or services by adding a quick summary and another Call To Action button.

The user can clearly see straight away what services or products your business offers, below is a bad example for Learn More, for SEO it would make it better to have a descriptive button explanation. For example E-Commerce button instead of "Learn More" would be more appealing to have a "Let's create online E-Commerce" button, sometimes long text won't be possible due to design and we will try to shorten it down for example to "eCommerce Website".

5. Service or Product Benefits

This SEO tip for the landing page should be focused mostly on the business culture, and explain WHY to choose your business over another business.

tip is to Include benefits in a website for on page seo

6. Visual Images and Infographics

It's becoming more and more popular to use infographics on the websites, and it's due that they are easier and quicker to understand without having to read long articles.

In the below image you should get a quick snap of how the website development process works with an agile manifesto! Yes, that's the agile WordPress development process summary in a picture!

It's always great to show photos of the service or product in action! This will put an imaginative cap for the user of how they would feel with having the ownership of that product or service, how their customers would think of them if they would own it.

If they get a great vibe, then it's an easier sell!


7. Success Stories SEO tips for landing page

On the landing should also have success stories, this will help the user trust the business, product or service more, let the user celebrate the success with you!

Examples of success stories that can be added to the landing page are:

  • Testimonials
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Awards
  • How the business helped others
include social proof on landing pages

Was this mostly focused on the user experience? Yes, it was.

A great SEO landing page should be focused on user experience, most of the google algorithms are based philosophically on human website behavior, they've done tons of research with how people interact and engage with websites.

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