How to Point Your Domain From LetsHost to SiteGround

Point Your Domain to The New Server

To access your domain and to see your website, we’ll need to point your domain to the new server.

We will need to point your domain to SiteGround server:

  1. In MySiteground Navigate to Websites.
  2. Click SiteTools.
  3. Scroll down in Dashboard to ‘IP and Name Servers’
  4. You’ll see DNS under ‘Name Servers‘.

You will only need the name servers. For example your only should see something like below.

You’ll need to make a note of DNS highlighted in green.

How to Point Your Domain
Don’t use those DNS, it’s only for an example.

Now navigate to LetsHost and point your domain to your server. If your are using another domain provider, the process will be similar.

  1. Click My Account
  2. Login
  3. Click Domains
  4. Hover over to the tool icon beside your domain and click Manage Nameservers
  5. Enter into the Nameserver 1 your DNS that starts with ‘ns1…’
  6. Enter into the Nameserver 2 your DNS that starts with ‘ns2…’
  7. Click Change Nameservers

That’s it, now you have requested the domain to point to your server. This may take up to 24 hrs for your website to be live on that domain.

If you need to preview your website before your website goes live, you can always use https://hosts.cx/.

  1. Enter your Site IP(Found in SiteGround dashboard) into Server Address
  2. Enter your domain into Website Name
  3. Click get my testing URL

And now you can see your website from a hosts.cx url that you have been provided.

Once the domain goes live you can then enter into the admin panel with the following link example www.yourdomain.ie/wp-admin.

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