How to Pick SEO keywords

It can be pointless to write a page title that’s not being searched on the web, except if the website is releasing a new product into the market and has a large amount of traffic or plans to promote the page with paid ads.

I found the best tools to research keywords is SEMrush, there are also more tools that can be used:

  1. SEMrush (7 Day Free Trial)
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (Paid)
  3. Moz Keyword Explorer (10 Free queries per month)
  4. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

For example, I’ve used SEMrush to research the ‘How to Pick SEO keywords’ keyword for this knowledge base post, I could see that people search for that phrase in Ireland 70 times a month and there is no or low competition in Ireland for the same key phrase.

I could of went with ‘SEO’ keyword as a title, it’s searched by users about 3000 times a month, but the competitions is large for that specific keyword and also users could be typing in SEO and searching for:

When the user is searching for a specific topic, they will try and type in the phrase as specific as possible into the search engine and if you phrase matches the exact phrase they were searching for and that website is on the first page they will click on to that link with no doubt, they found the exact match.

SEO Keyword tools are helpful but don’t believe them entirely, if something feels very natural for people to search for and the tools show that no one is searching for those keywords, tools can be incorrect sometimes. – Instead try and type in the keywords phrase into Google and see what comes up.

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