How to optimise content for SEO

Write Awesome Content for SEO

Most important is to write awesome content that the audience will love.

When awesome content is provided to the users, they will read it and share it.

This is going to improve On-page SEO in WordPress and will also improve Off-Page SEO, which is outside the website with people sharing your content on social networks, their website or blog and Google can see that your creating relations online and will reward the website page or post with a higher ranking.

Some of the tips given by industry experts to have awesome On-Page SEO content in WordPress:

  1. Have a catchy page title or post title
  2. Include title key phrases in the first paragraph – synonyms are ok to use
  3. Include key phrases in some headings (H2, H3, etc..) – It will keep your topic on point!
  4. Have a website structure – helps users to read easier
    1. H1 – Main Title
    2. H2 – Important Headings
    3. H3 – Sub Headings
    4. And so on…
  5. Write Page or Blog over 900 words
  6. Use visuals like images, ensure to rename images to what they are before uploading and write an alt so images can be discovered by Google and it also help accessibility

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