How to Install the Divi Theme in WordPress

There are over 5,000 free WordPress themes, and over 10,000 paid themes. – Could be more!

With so many free and premium WordPress themes available, we can have decision fatigue from the burden of choices available to us.

We have great news that we found a premium theme Divi that any individual or business can install in WordPress website and customise in any shape and form.

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Say Hello to Divi Theme

From day one we found Divi Theme to be user friendly and it didn’t require much training to get started.

Some of the best things we found about Divi Theme

  • Easy to edit pages with the live visual editor.
  • Has a website library templates, we also used templates to start and then customised it a little, saving Digital Destiny a lot of time.
  • Easy to customise menu, footer, pages, blogs posts, 404 pages, search page and much more with Theme Builder.
  • The minimum amount of coding required – with other themes we had to add a lot more coding.
  • Technical support directly from Divi available.
  • There are tons of support videos and articles available.
Digital Destiny website is designed with the Divi Theme.

How to install the Divi WordPress theme.

  1. Visit the Divi Theme Website
  2. Purchase & download the Divi Theme
  3. Install & activate the Divi Theme
    1. To install navigate to Appearance and then to Themes in the WordPress admin panel.
    2. Click Add New
    3. Click Upload Theme
    4. Click Choose File and select Divi.zip
    5. Click Install Now
    6. Once installed click Activate
  4. Refresh Page
  5. In WordPress admin panel click Divi
  6. Click Updates
  7. Fill in Username and API Key to activate Divi license and updates
    1. Username and API can be found on Divi website
    2. Login to your Account
    3. Click My Account
    4. Click API KEYS
    5. Copy username and API key, and paste it to your Updates

Divi Theme at this stage is fully installed and activated on the WordPress website.

Customise Divi Theme in WordPress after it’s installed

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