How to Improve WordPress Security

Keeping your website secure is important to protect from any attacks and also have a piece of mind for you and your website users when they are visiting.

Make your WordPress Website more Secure with SSL

Would you feel good to see the ‘Not Secure’ text beside domain name during website visit?

WordPress On-Page SEO not secure

Or you would prefer to see a safety lock beside the domain?

WordPress On-Page SEO secure

We would feel more comfortable and secure with the website that is secure. I am still surprised to see a lot of websites that don’t use SSL certificates, probably because they are not aware of the benefits or it’s too complicated to install SSL certificate.

To be honest, I would not stay too long on a website that’s not secure, probably nothing wrong with the website if it doesn’t require you to enter any sensitive information or doesn’t require to enter bank details to purchase a service or a product, but still, it gives a bad first impression.

Google has announced that having an installed SSL certificate will boost SEO ranking, it makes users trust the website.

By installing an SSL certificate it will create an encrypted connection between you and the website making the website more secure.

How to install SSL certificate on SiteGround:

Any good hosting provider will offer a SSL certificate for free.

If you have SiteGround hosting, then it’s going to be easy to install free SSL certificate.

  1. Login to your account on SiteGround
  2. Head over to Websites
  3. On your website domain click Site Tools
  4. Click Security
  5. Click SSL Manager
  6. Select SSL ‘Let’s Encrypt Wildcard’
  7. Click Get
  8. Wait for the installation to be done

It may still show that’s it’s not secure, but if you click ‘Not Secure’ beside your domain it will show that the SSL certificate is Valid. For the ‘Not Secure’ text to disappear, it can take up to a few days or by clearing the website cache.

We also need to make sure that the website is always redirected to secure domain link which is and doesn’t start with http://www… this is possible to enable on SiteGround account in SiteTools > Security > HTTPS Enforce.

WordPress website also by default has http:// and it needs to be changed manually.

  1. Head over to WordPress Admin
  2. Click Settings

In the WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL) add extra S after so it will be changed to this and then Save Changes.

You will have to login again for access as you’ve just redirected your WordPress website to secure website link.

Make your website more secure with Sucuri Security

Know what’s happening to your website all times with emails notifications and log with a Sucuri Security plugin, Sucuri will also act a a FireWall for your website.

Make your website more secure with Backups

Ensure that your website has 24-hour backups enabled, this can be helpful if the website crashes due to some code or updates on your website and it can be restored to the previous version.

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