Best Website Hosting in Ireland

We have tested and tried different shared hosting providers over the 2020 and 2021 years and found the best performing website hosting in Ireland for speed, reliability, performance, support, and ease of use.

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Hosting providers we have tested in Ireland

LetsHost, Blacknight, GoDaddy & Bluehost Hosting In Ireland

With LetsHost, Blacknight, Go-Daddy, and Bluehost we found to have slow shared server connections, and sometimes the site were slower than other times, which was loading over 10 seconds+ which isn't great for a website and it creates a poor user experience.

When a website is loading more than 3 seconds a user has a higher chance of abandoning the website as it creates a poor user experience for them.

One second website delay for Amazon could cost them 1.3 Billion Euro in sales.

Best Website Hosting in Ireland winner

Our clear winner for ease of use, best performance and 24/7 support was SiteGround.

Logo of SiteGround Hosting - the best website hosting in Ireland

To set up best hosting in Ireland go to SiteGround website.

You will have 2 options, either purchasing a WordPress Hosting (Web Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting are the exact same thing) or a Cloud Hosting.

With a WordPress Hosting will be using a shared server which means that the server will be shared with other websites unknown to you, this could potentially have to much traffic on other websites and have a small impact in slowing your website that won't be noticeable with small amount of users on your website.

For small blogs and small business websites, WordPress hosting is the best option to choose.

For websites that are expecting to have a lot more traffic to their website and most of the income is generated through the website traffic, then the best option is to choose a Cloud Hosting. A dedicated server will have only the websites that are placed on it by the owner, it will be much more secure, faster and there will be more overall performance.

Choose hosting server location

Finally, choose the server location before the purchase, we recommend UK or Netherlands servers for great speed and performance for Irish users.

All of our websites are hosted on SIteGround and if you require some help just get in touch and we can gladly help you out.

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