Our aim is simply to design and develop user-friendly, great-looking, and functional websites to ensure users will enjoy the interaction, and businesses will have an easy interface to manage those websites.

Website Experience

Artur Burkalo is the lead website design and developer in Digital Destiny who has started the company in 2020.
We have seen so many websites that have old designs, or websites put up with little web design and development knowledge and they become messy on different devices and worse they are not functional, which can frustrate the users and it will lead users to abandon them leading to a loss of a potential client/customer to your business.
Artur Burkalo - Web Designer and Developer

At age of 16

Started with designing a website for a private server “Mu Online” and used a PC to create and run an online private server from home.

The website was built with PHP and MySql database, the game was integrated with the same database to see live updates on the website from the game on stats, items characters had, and leaderboards.


Had one semester in Web Design as part of the Outdoor Adventure Management course and was helping all the fellow students in the class with advancing their web design skills with simpler and more modern code than the college used.

"Students ended up coming to me for help and asking me to teach them web design."

2018 and Present Training

Since 2018 found digital marketing very interesting and seen it as an opportunity to find more clients and customers with inbound marketing through the website efforts.

Artur has attended conferences, done lectures, and training to advance digital marketing skills.

  • Digital Marketing and Marketing Lectures at Griffith College
  • Agile Framework for Project Delivery and Management
  • Inbound Marketing at Hubspot Academy
  • Social Media Management at Hubspot Academy
  • Google ADS Campaigns and Management at Google Skillshop


Started Digital Destiny company with a simple aim to create user-friendly, great looking, and functional websites for businesses and looking at the technologies that can automate business workflows, improve digital growth, and generate more leads with the use of the website.

2021 February

Improved website design and development process that improves website performance and speed by 80%.

Digital Destiny website speed and perfromance

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