5 Best WordPress Plugins that you only need in 2021

You only need 5 best WordPress plugins to run your business website in 2021.

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1. Gravity Forms

The best WordPress plugin for forms is Gravity Forms

Your website needs forms that can be used for contacting you or for marketing efforts.

Gravity Forms is a powerful plugin that's well designed and it's easy to set forms up, of course, if you want to style it you may need to know some basic CSS.

Gravity Forms can be used for:

  • Contact us form with any field you want to include
  • Subscription form to collect emails or other data
  • Feedback form
  • Bespoke forms to meet your business needs

You can also automate your business workflow by sending the user information with webhooks or Zapier to your CRM.

Alternative option to Gravity Forms is to use WP Forms or Ninja Forms.

2. Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is the best SEO WordPress plugin in 2021

Rank Math is an SEO plugin that will help your website to be discovered by search engines such as Google and the best part that's it's free and you don't have to upgrade to get the same results.

With the Rank Math plugin, you will able to insert your focused keywords into your post and page, write attractive meta descriptions that search engines and social media show to users, and see live improvements your website page can do to improve your ranking and better user experience.

A great alternative is to use Yoast SEO which is also free and more popular.

The advantage of using the Rank Math is that it adds your website to Google Search Console automatically during the setup, otherwise it requires you to do it manually.

3. Yoast Duplicate Post

Icon of Yoast Duplicate post plugin for WordPress to duplicate pages.

To make the WordPress workflow much easier you should consider having a plugin that will help you to duplicate pages and posts.

This is helpful when you have created a page or post and you want to use the exact same template, so you can clone or duplicate the page and re-write it without having to style the page or post again from scratch.

Alternative of Yoast Duplicate Post you can use Duplicate Page plugin.

4. WP-Rocket Speed Optimisation

logo of the WP Rocket that is the best caching WordPress plugin

The faster your website the better UX it will create for the users as they browse your website as it reduces the waiting time for them to see your page content, speed also improves SEO and conversions.

The best WordPress speed optimisation plugin is Wp-Rocket that will do an amazing job on page caching and lazy loading your images.

I would recommend not to cache pages that have forms in them, you'll need to manually remove those pages from not being cached.

We have a great deal with Wp-Rocket with our referral link that gives you a discount of up to 20% off.

Alternative is to use SG Optimiser if you are using SiteGround hosting which is a free plugin.

Read more on how to speed up your WordPress website on our knowledge base.

5. Sucuri Security

Logo of Sucuri Security - the best WordPress plugin for security

Sucuri Security is one of the best WordPress plugins to keep your website secure and keep it protected from hackers.

The security plugin also monitors the website, so if your website ever down due to a hack or bug you'll get a notification to your email.

Sucuri Security is a free plugin which should b enough for your business website.

Alternative is to use is JetPack that is cheaper and has some great features.

Extra advice

Installing and updating the best WordPress plugins

When installing any WordPress plugin do it on a staging website or back up your website as it may not work with your current theme or plugins and may result in crashing your website while your users are on it.

The same should be considered for when you are updating plugins - this may crash your website and should be also done on a staging website.

Updates are important to ensure your website is properly functioning and secure.

You should consider using a Web Design and Development individual or an agency that will manage your WordPress plugin installations and updates, if you need help just get in touch with us and we will do installations and updates with the best practices without crashing your live website.

Alternative to installing pre-made plugins

The more plugins your website has the more impact it has on your website speed, user experience, and security.

If you require small functionalities added to your website then consider getting a Web Developer that can add a small amount and well-structured code to your website without installing pre-made plugins as they carry a lot of unnecessary code that can have a poor impact on your website.

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